Emergency Centre Novo mesto

The General Hospital Novo Mesto is a regional hospital that takes care of around 132.000 inhabitants of the Novo mesto municipality and the local residents of neighboring municipalities. The subject of this project is the construction of the Emergency Center and the Intensive Care Department within the complex of the General Hospital Novo Mesto.

We planned an annex in the area of the existing hospital facilities that ties into the the spatial and functional characteristics of the existing building.The architectural design of the new Emergency Center building is subordinate to the structural characteristics of the existing complex, like the building mass, facade detail and materials.

As part of the plan for the exterior, an adjusted traffic regime is planned to accommodate access for ambulances, as well as re-opening access from Šmihelska street, adding access to the garage for ambulances and adding a west platform to allow access to the Emergency Room. The spatial planning of the Emergency Center guarantees a multidisciplinary organization of the department. It offers the possibility to treat a large amount of the injured and patients on the primary level and a complex and efficient treatment of the injured and patients in the second phase of healing. The technological layout of the areas in the Emergency Center enables a steady flow of patients, which is ensured by the perfect autonomy of operation in the spatial-organizational, technological an informational sense.