Our office commits to excellent design and qualitative buildings, that time and again offer a sensible response to the building task at hand within its specific context.
We explore the context of the situation in which something can happen. The situation within which something exists or happens, and that can help explain it.
In the design process our office doesn’t hold on to a particular architectural style, but works from a consistent design method, in which certain principals define the project.
Our method rests on the principlethat the design should be continuously adjusted through critical reflection and discussion with the client. The method that well-considered shaping of the different building elements, with regards to its intrinsic structural, technical, sustainable and aesthetic qualities result the project.

Designing and building is teamwork.
We pay special attention to the exchange and dialogue with all concerned building partners – such as the client, the administration, the consultants, the contractors –which generates a positive synergy and helps the realization of a building project with a clear added value.Through collaboration with specialized consultants, a stimulating dynamic of know-how and knowledge duringthe design development is nurtured to result in an optimized building.

Designing and building is a process.
Having good control of the project process is an indispensable key for a good execution of an architectural project. The management of administration, planning, cost control and compliancy with regulations are continuously checked and balanced.

Styria employs professional experienced architects, engineers and young designers in a teamwork environment, using “high-end” software and Building Information Modeling (BIM).