SONČEK Travel agency, Ljubljana

Traveling is a human internal inclination, full of positive emotions and needs. How to capture and personify the environment that a person inwardly anticipates or relives, satisfy this feverish enthusiasm, and partially virtualize space were the key threads in the planning. The sensation of walking on water and sandy shores, observing gallery walls, city panoramas, and the scenic landscape in the background are triggers that should stimulate positive emotions and expectations in consumers’ experiences. We describe the project as “transforming the booking experience.”

The goal was to create an environment that people are halfway expecting to encounter while booking their holidays and perhaps even sharing on media platforms such as panoramic views, gallery walls, and floor images. For the project, we opted for automatic sliding doors of the 300 Thales Doorson type, which are entirely frameless and made of glass. The doors between the street and the venue are essentially an almost imperceptible boundary that serves exclusively as acoustic insulation and a barrier between the public and private space. With the help of the Doorson frameless sliding door system, we managed to neutralize this barrier through maximum transparency. Project “Sonček” is certainly a great example of how design, architecture, and technology are inseparable when we talk about creativity. The line between the real and virtual is becoming increasingly blurred and harder to perceive. Space and time are changing their dimensions, even those that are less measurable. Reality is being virtualized, and the virtual is becoming a new reality.