Sensing nature park Slovenj Gradec

The main idea is about how to interact between people, its heritage and the landscape in order to explore its complexity and educate its fragileness. The park is the transformation
of urban forms flowing into surprising organic moments shaped by waterfronts of different shapes and types. The park is the variation of experiences without enclosed ambiences but constantly changing perception. We are creating moments of transition, moments of clarity, imagination and reflection, observation and education. Our challenge was to create a master plan filled with conditions, which allow constantly changing relations between urbanity and nature, between contemporary and heritage, as well as between public and
individual or let say between exposed and intimate spaces.

The shape of mountains is sharing the view with the sky. The landscape terrains surfaced by extended forests are creating a landscape carpet. The river Mislinja and the slope of
Tičnica hill terrain with local architectural heritage interact in order to create the public space for collective experiences in sublime landscape. The new landscape allows reintroducing nature to urban life through this experience. The river Mislinja empower the distinct places with its water flow, sound and reflection. The Tičnica hill is a territory of exciting forest in a stem terrain, which transfigures to open clearing with belvedere.