Ptuj Market

The planned design somewhat preserves the division of the square into two parts. The conceptual design connects the market area, Miklošičeva Street and the space where the parking lot stands today in the east, and ties them into a whole.

The division of the whole is segmented in the pavement and new, adapted plants, and thus establishes the division of historical lines of open space, which is justified from two perspectives.

The segmentation of the square is established with an adjusted size ratio of the open space in proportion to the height of the buildings which surround it. The goal is to soften the sizable depths of the newly created square in proportion to the depth versus the width of the square and the relation of depth versus height of the dominant St. Jurij Church.

The suggested arrangement is based on the desire to once again establish empty space. The square consists of existing segmented spaces of dead ends, outskirts, poor accessibility and traffic congestion. The primary goals of the revitalization of the space are integrative measures, attractive ambients and the definition of new edges.