Kamnica Residence

The facility is located on a lot between the city’s main radial road and existing residential area. The ground plan adapts to the available building plot with its construction lines. The north facade with semi-translucent membranes indicates harmony, fluidity and transparency of the hallways and staircases within the facility beside a busy road. 

The apartment’s loggias and the terraces in the loft open up to the south with views of the landscape along the river Drava and Pohorje. The rhythm of the openings is level in relation to the bright full facade openings and large residential lodges, which connect to the inner residential areas with large glass walls. The loft apartments are covered with facade coverings made from bright solid wood and are withdrawn inwards, so they form terraces and covered atriums in between the apartments. The facility has an open space for a children’s playground in the middle, which is accessible from the residential hallways and along the outer ramp. The solid north facade covering offers a noise barrier to the space, for play and protection.