The two Habakuk residential buildings are based on a modern design approach, where the guiding principles are quality of living, energy efficiency, and an efficient mixture of personal and social structuring of residents. Quality of living is the dominant principle of the multi-story housing located on the southern outskirts of Maribor, where it joins the Pohorje Mountains and connects with nature and the surrounding countryside.

The architecture of the residential flats on the north side reflects the urban street image with its design as a “town wall”, while on the south side, where it borders on the slopes of the mountains, it merges with the landscape with its open terraces and balconies to create a varied and dynamic structure. The floor plan and arrangement of the flats ensures a mixture of both personal and social communication among the residents, which fulfils their specific wants and needs.

Three separate entrances with an outdoor staircase and lift are vertically placed between the four stories. Each individual entrance leads to eight flats with individual entrances, a staircase and a lift, which ensures a high-level of privacy for the residents. The fully white facade in the upper floors is insulated using 15-centimeter-thick heat insulation and a final rendering of plaster. In contradistinction, the ground floor is partially clad with facade covers of black cement composite panels, to accentuate the entrance zone.